Just a plane ride away lies the real fantasy island, Barbados. An island that gives a dreamlike, intimate feeling to your vacation.Read More

Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are part of an underwater mountain range running between Cuba and Belize.  With an average year-round temperature range of about 75° F in winter to about 85° F in the summer, the Cayman Islands boast some of the finest tropical weather in the world.

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St. Lucia

Here you can you wake up to a symphony of birds and drive through a volcano.   St. Lucia stands apart from the rest of the Caribbean islands thanks to its varied landscape and diverse culture and cuisine, which is distinguished by African, Indian, Caribbean, British, Spanish and French influences.Read More

Turks & Caicos

World class hotels, spas, and restaurants await, as do the famous stretches of uncrowded beaches and vibrant coral reefs. On the land or below the water, you can relax in the unique serenity, hospitality and beauty of the islands.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a nature-lover’s dream. The country has a progressive approach to conservation, which ensures that its jungles, with their renowned biodiversity, continue to be home to a truly mind-boggling assortment of species

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Dominican Republic – La Romana

La Romana is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic. Water sports, tropical tours ,excursions, sailing, and fishing are just a few of the many things to do.

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Bahamas - Nassau

Couples have miles of powdery white sand and an array of options for intimate dinners. Families have the largest waterpark in the world (where you can also swim with dolphins)! Culture buffs have Colonial architecture, historic forts and pirate museums.

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Dominican Republic – Puerta Plata

Golden Beaches on the Amber Coast…
On the Dominican Republic’s northern Amber Coast, Puerto Plata is surrounded by mountain ranges, a two-mile crescent of powdery amber sands, and the sparkling waters of the Atlantic.

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Dominican Republic – Punta Cana

Punta Cana’s great values have long made it a favorite destination for those who want tropical getaways with luxurious comforts, friendly service, beautiful beaches and a laid-back atmosphere.

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Jamaica – Montego Bay

For those of you who pictured yourself lying back on perfectly white, sandy beaches, the sky above blue and sunny, while cooling down with delicious drinks at your leisure – Montego Bay is your ideal destination.

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Jamaica – Negril

For years the Negril’s seven mile beach has been rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world by many travel magazines.

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Jamaica – Ocho Rios

Wrapped around a small bay with a beautiful  snugness, Ocho Rios is a former fishing village that the Jamaica Tourist Board earmarked for tourism in the 1960s and developed in the mid-1980s.

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Mexico – Cancun

This strip of land is located above the Riviera Maya, but it’s far younger than it’s southern counterparts. The new, state of the art hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping areas make this destination full of opportunities to let loose on your vacation.

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Mexico – Cozumel

The island of Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island and popular destination with holidaymakers. Located 12 miles (19km) off the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, opposite the resort Playa del Carmen

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Mexico – Los Cabos

White, sandy beaches with crystal waters and all the fun activities you want wrapped into one vacation. Cabo San Lucas is a perfect fit for the young, old and everyone in between.

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Mexico -Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Mexican travelers include the neighboring beach towns of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, in the state of Guerrero, as favorite destinations, but that’s where their similarity ends.

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Mexico – Mazatlan

Mazatlan is a perennial favorite with North American sunbirds and snowbirds alike.Endowed with a shoreline sprinkled with beckoning islands, a lovely seaside promenade, miles of golden beaches and blue lagoons, it really lives up to its moniker, “Pearl of the Pacific.”

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Mexico – Puerto Vallarta

Experience the warmth of a place which is quaint and full of history, yet modern, vibrant, and exotic. Discover a destination of relaxing beaches, world class restaurants, and the latest in ecotourism and extreme adventure, in a setting that is internationally recognized for its charm and friendliness,

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Mexico – Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya offers much that makes Mexico’s Caribbean so special. You and your family can swim and snorkel in cenotes, sinkholes formed by underground rivers.

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