A historical and tranquil treasure, Key West is a small island with much to offer any vacationer.

Near the very end of the Florida Keys, it boasts warm waters, unique sea life, and an island experience one can never forget. Famous people through the ages have come to Key West to getaway from the world and write such as, Jimmy Buffet and Ernest Hemingway. Become a part of the legends and join the Key West family.


Top Attractions:

  • Coral Reef- Snorkel here at the third-largest living coral reefs
  • Dry Tortugas- Small islands off Key West reachable by sea ferry or sea plane
  • Southern Most Point Buoy- Photo location at the southern most point of the continental U.S.
  • Ernest Hemingway’s Home- For the writers or history-buffs in your group
  • Mallory Square- Celebrate the daily Sunset Celebration for a fun sunset gathering
  • Duval Street- An energetic strip of restaurants and galleries, full of colorful people

What our customers are saying about Key West:

This is a very fun place.  Everyone is very laid back and easy to get along with.  I found some very unique gift shops where I was able to get some different kinds of souvenirs, instead of another t-shirt.  The weather is great mostly year around so I think anytime is a great time to visit.


I think I saw Jimmy Buffett, what a treat!

Greg N

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