St. Thomas is the most popular cruise dock on the U.S. Virgin Islands.

This small island, which is only 32 square miles, is home to the U.S. Virgin Island capital, Charlotte Amalie. This capital is a town with Danish history sprinkled throughout the bustling activity. The mountains of St. Thomas offer up panoramic views of the island and blue waters and down on the sandy beaches the views are just as beautiful.

Top Attractions:

  • Magens Bay- a popular beach on St. Thomas with shallow, clear waters
  • Hull Bay- a tranquil cove outside of the beaten path allows for some nice snorkeling
  • Drake’s Seat- famous historic spot that offers one of the best views on the island
  • Frenchtown- a small fishing village with many cultural specialties
  • Red Hook- another small town with great restaurants for lunch


What our customers are saying about the US Virgin Islands:

The diving was fantastic  I called at the last minute and was still able to get on a boat. Dive master was very accommodating to our dive style. Would recommend to anyone to take a dive trip.  There are so many operators to choose from.

Matt S

Coral World Ocean Park  is definitely a great place for kids (and there are plenty of them around). Located right on the beach, the park is gorgeous and features turtles, birds, sharks, & tons of marine life in the aquariums. It’s a beautifully designed space and doesn’t get too crowded, nor is it very expensive.

Anna P

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