Costa Rica


Costa Rica is so diverse with wildlife and plants, it’s beautiful! We really enjoyed ziplining! Fishing is something to definitely do if you enjoy fishing. We fished in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the pacific had the best fishing. We caught mahi mahi, wahoo and a rooster fish. The hanging bridges in Arenal were also beautiful, you really get to experience the jungles. Allen Samuels house of travel was excellent to work with. Very accommodating and helpful, especially during Covid, Bambi is the best! -Meghan


Arenal Volcano National Park is really incredible and filled with waterfalls, hot springs, wildlife, and volcanoes. This natural wonder is an area not to be missed.

Some of the top activities in the Arenal area are:

#1 La Fortuna Waterfall

#2 Arenal Hanging Bridges

#3 Ecotermales Fortuna

#4 Baldi Hot Springs

#5 Proyecto Asis

These are two amazing resorts in Arenal-


Nayara Hotel, Nayara Springs and Tented Camp

There are many guided small group trips where every detail of the trip is taken care of for you from the time you arrive at the airport until you depart.

Health and Wellness travel is also very popular in Costa Rica.

We also have family groups rent villas for a more intimate experience.



Capital City: San José

Population: Over 4 million people

Climate: Tropical. Summer is lush, Winter is dry. Warm weather prevails throughout the year

Size: 50 miles long, 250 miles wide (51,000 sq. km)

Language: Spanish and English

Currency: The colon

Entry Requirements: Passport and return tickets are required to enter Costa Rica

Taxes: a 13% tax and 10% service charge are added to checks in restaurants. Travelers may leave extra tip for good service. There is an airport departure tax of $29.00pp.


Costa Rica offers an incredible diversity of scenery, climate, and vacation pleasures in a relatively small area of only 150 miles from ocean to ocean and 250 miles from border to border, similar to the size of the state of West Virginia. This land of wonders offers something for everyone, from the soothing sun rays at a tropical beach to the excitement of watching volcanoes erupt, deep sea scuba diving, Sportfishing, white water rafting, and mountain biking. Visitors can also enjoy peaceful serenity in the mountain resorts, where the cooler temperatures provide the perfect atmosphere for activities such as hot chocolate, Swiss-fondue dinners, and bird-watching. Additionally, the friendly people of Costa Rica, with one of the highest literacy rates in the world, make foreign travelers feel at ease and comfortable.

This destination caters to all types of travelers. City-oriented visitors can stroll through San Jose, the capital city, and enjoy people-watching, dining out, gambling at south of France style casinos, or watching an opera or ballet performance at the opera house. For adventure-oriented travelers, Costa Rica offers opportunities to hike through National Parks and Reserves, surf some of the best waves in the world, or dive deep into the ocean to come across hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

A vacation in Costa Rica is sure to become one of the most memorable times of your life.