Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Peace of mind

Enhance your travel experiences knowing you and your budget are protected from the unexpected – for a fraction of your trip cost.


With travel insurance, you can get help finding – and paying for – appropriate care in a covered medical emergency.


With 24-hour expert assistance for solving medical and other travel-related problems on the go, you can enjoy more freedom to explore.


Travel protection can give you more options to bounce back from delays, lost bags, and other common setbacks.

We’re There for You

We’ve got your back with award-winning 24/7 assistance and a worldwide network of prescreened hospitals to help you get the right care.

We’re Protecting You

From protection for trip cancellation to medical bills abroad, our benefits are designed to help you explore reassured.

We’re Built for You

From our TravelSmart app to proactive SmartBenefits, we innovate for the way you travel today – and tomorrow.